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The Factoid Authority is a node operator of the Factom network, a notary protocol that lives on top of the world's most secure blockchain: bitcoin. We develop handcrafted solutions and tools to accelerate the transition to a world where trust and transparency is part of the fabric of every system.

Use Factom via your Ledger Nano S!


Our highly competent team designs and develops enterprise-grade software applications utilizing blockchain technology.


Leveraging years of experience, we offer world class advice on a broad range of technical subject matter.


We contribute to the security of the Factom protocol by hosting a set of stable servers, located in Iceland.

What we're working on...

We're working on several projects to improve the Factom ecosystem

Server Monitoring Bot

Monitors factomd nodes for unresponsiveness and alerts users to network stalls.

Factom Block Explorer

Advanced factom blockchain explorer & authortiy node dashboard.

Factom Ledger

Ledger hardware wallet support for factoids.

Factom IOT

Coming Soon
Embedded factom support in IOT devices

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